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  • “the South African government are taking care of their education”… Really?… And still most of them are not educated and possess no real skills… Is that not one of the reasons fuelling their angst against those who are better equipped?… If you don’t know what to write, go and watch cartoons and stop spewing rubbish.

  • Eyaaa, sorry o… Please remind us what their regions gained when they have not been retired… You only remember to ask us to cry with you whenever they are no longer in a position to chop; but when they are chopping, no one remembers who are Hausa, Ibibio, Yoruba, Ijaw, Goodluck Jonathan brother-in-law, Yar’adua uncle, Igbo or Isoko… Taaaa, make una carry all those una wayo go siddon inside Ukanafun gutter… We are all wiser now… You can go ahead and cry out blood for them.

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