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 The Great Collaboration by two Rhyming Poets

 The Great Collaboration by two Rhyming Poets
Written by bbnaijashow

 The Great Collaboration by two Rhyming Poets.

 The Great Collaboration by two Rhyming Poets

The Great Collaboration by two Rhyming Poets

Another great thanks to Nalini Starr.




She gave me a smile so sweet

And my heart began to melt

I felt a tingling from head to feet

I wondered if she knew how I felt

I couldn’t hide the lust in my eyes

And also my growing desire

The bulge between my thighs

Was rising higher and higher


I stared into her beautiful eyes

My imagination was going haywire

My passion was on the rise

And I wondered if she could see my desire

I felt a tingling between my thighs

And It burned so hot like a fire


The moment we first met

I just wanted her for this lust

Her body I couldn’t forget

I longed to give her my thrust

I couldn’t get her curves

out of my wandering head

She was completely so sexy

And I wanted her on my bed



I wondered if she wanted me

Just for only my lust too

The only way to find out

Was to see if it was true

So I called her on the phone

And Invited her to my house

She showed up at my door

Wearing a sexy thin blouse


Her looks started burning

As the fire arose back in me

Nothing could ever compare

To the arousals, she couldn’t see

We had a candlelight dinner

And shared a bottle of red wine

Knowing from her warm smiles

Soon she would become mine


I invited her onto the couch

As I turned on the fireplace

We talked and talked a while

As my thoughts started to race

I could tell by her blushing smile

That she was feeling just like me

So I gathered up my nerves

And planted my hand on her knee

Her smile turned to excitement

And she planted me a wet kiss

Sending tingles through my body

She whispered to me her wish



She blushed and smiled so sweetly

As she gazed into my eyes

My heart was racing erratically

I could feel my temperature rise

She lifted my hand from my knee

And placed it on her breasts

In my ear, she whispered softly

” would you like to remove my dress?”



Thundering thoughts now trembling

As my heart begins to rapidly beat

Indulged from her whispered words

I started sweating with intense heat

Her breasts were hard and firm

As I felt her nipples begin to rise

Softly we started heavy kissing

As we undressed with our eyes


All her many curvatures I felt

As her dress fell to the floor

Then she started kissing my neck

Making me bulge even more

The greatest lustful sensations

We’re being filled On the couch

Then she slipped her hand down

And unzipped my bulging pouch


Before my pants could come off

Her honey pot had stole the show

Feeding me all her luscious juices

I could feel It was ready to blow

Trying to indulge in the moment

Her rhythms began to speed

Moaning from all her desires

I continued filling her every need


Then the burst of our excitements

Indulged from our lustful fantasy

The pleasuring of two lovers

Has been fulfilled with ecstasy

Laying now in the past moments

Our juices completely poured

The thoughts of our lustful minds

Had been tainted forevermore


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