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We Want a Unify Bonny Kingdom Were both the King and his Subject can Coexist Together in Peace

We Want a Unify Bonny Kingdom Were both the King and his Subject can Coexist Together in Peace
Written by bbnaijashow

Where Are Bonny Patriots? We Want a Unify Bonny Kingdom Were both the King and his Subject can Coexist Together in Peace

In December 2016, our dear king celebrated his 20th coronation anniversary. I was privileged to serve as secretary, Media, Publicity and Protocol sub-committee, headed by the media guru, Amaopusenibo Sunny Meshack-Hart. Apart from being the publisher of a local tabloid, Ibani Nation newspaper, that was my first opportunity to really serve this great Kingdom of Bonny, and I was so excited about it. Although I had rendered similar service as chairman of the same sub-committee during the presentation of Manilla Pepple chief in 2012, that of 2016 was more demanding.

As a scholar, I exploit every opportunity to learn and interrogate things I have never known. Therefore, I saw the 2016 scenario as a golden opportunity to know more about Bonny Kingdom and her indigenes.

I have never met His Majesty one-on-one. I hope it will soon happen. However, I had been privileged to meet with him in a group. I also have records of some of his historic and historical speeches during important functions, especially Bonny Kingdom National Banquet. From what I have observed about our great monarch, he loves this kingdom with all his being.

Where Are Bonny Patriots? We Want a Unify Bonny Kingdom Were both the King and his Subject can Coexist Together in Peace

Where Are Bonny Patriots? We Want a Unify Bonny Kingdom Were both the King and his Subject can Coexist Together in Peace

I always see in his Majesty, a king that is always being disappointed by some of his subjects in whom he reposes so much trust and confidence.

In one of our meetings with His Majesty before the commencement of activities for his 20th coronation anniversary in 2016, I listened to him as he reeled out plans he has for the kingdom and the subjects, especially the youths. His Majesty is not a politician; and will never be. Therefore, it is obvious that his words are his bond. There is no issue that is bothering Bonny Kingdom today that is not of great concern to the king. I looked at His Majesty and saw a king who hardly sleeps at night because of challenges confronting his kingdom and his subjects.

But, sometimes, we read some cocktail of vituperations directed at His Majesty whenever something bad or unpleasant happens. To some people, the king must be blamed for everything, no matter what. To them, nobody else has a role to play for the advancement of Bonny Kingdom except the King and the Chiefs.

Back to 2016. Immediately after the inauguration of the Central Working Committee and Sub-committees, the feelers we got were that over 100 million naira had been kept aside for the anniversary. Sub-committees were consequently asked to quickly prepare and present their proposals so that monies would be disbursed accordingly. Time wasn’t on our side then.

Due to the all-embracing nature of the Media, Publicity and Protocol sub-committee of which I was secretary, I was liaising with other sub-committees, sometimes on behalf of my chairman. At every meeting of any of the sub-committees I attended, the venue was always filled to the brim with members. Those who couldn’t attend never failed to make apology calls. Some non-members were even lobbying to be included. It was interesting!

But there was a lull. The money kept rescheduling its time of coming. We kept waiting patiently for the millions of naira but to no avail. About three weeks to the commencement of the event we were unpleasantly informed that the over one hundred million naira we were expecting only existed in our imagination. There was no money anywhere. Therefore, the Central Working Committee headed by the loveable Se-alabo (Ambassador) Dagogo Wilcox and the Sub-committees should source for money if the event was to hold.

As soon as this unpleasant news percolated to all the members of the sub-committees, it was “to thy tents o! Israel. The venues of sub-committees’ meetings, which were always filled with both members and lobbyists, suddenly became empty. People started sending excuses and apologies. My wife is about to give birth; my daughter is sick; my blood pressure is high etc, etc. Nobody was pushing to be included anymore.

But then, it was HELL for a few of us who stuck our necks to ensure that Bonny Kingdom was not disgraced before the whole world – because letters of invites had already been sent out. In the end, we were able to generate funds, though not up to our projection, for the anniversary to be celebrated. To God be the glory.

My point is that many Bonny people today will never serve this kingdom or do anything for this kingdom unless there is a huge benefit thereof. If they do not see any possibility of making money from such service, they are not available, simple!

Let us note that no country or Kingdom can move forward with such self-serving citizens or indigenes.

Therefore, as you wield your walking stick as a titled citizen; as you go about criticizing the king and the Chiefs; as you blame the elders for the problems of Bonny Kingdom; as you point accusing finger at others, ask yourself this simple question: “What have I contributed to my beloved Kingdom of Bonny?”
The answer would certainly surprise you.

This is the True Position.


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